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Originally created by Xbyte, Kuge was inspired to create the same tournament but held more frequently.

Rules: X amount of users join. Everyday when Kuge makes a new round, the final digit of his posting time will determine the amount of users who will get eliminated that round. We continue the process until 1 non-loser is left. Once that 1 user is left, he will be deemed "THE NON-LOSER!".

I don't play favorites, I pick and chose who loses for no reason whatsoever. So anyone has a chance to win.

"YOU LOSE" User Tournament 1 Results: Edit


Losers Finished:

2nd: DpObliVion

3rd: EndOfDiscOne

4th: RayDyn

5th: paperwarior

6th: Silvercross

7th: LotteryTicket

8th: ff6man

9th: BIGPUN9999

10th: Angsty_Lou

11th: Procrastinater

12th: Bokonon_Lives

13th: andymancan1

14th: XxSoulxX

15th: bobsaysblah

16th: Naye745

17th: Heroic_Vyers

18th: MegatokyoEd

19th: The Destoyer

20th: Icehawk

21st: kirbyjump

22nd: FigureOfSpeech

23rd: Xtlm

24th: newusrname

25th: Heri_turla_Heru

26th: MoogleKupo141

27th: Zachnorn

28th: StifledSeagulls

29th: ChaoChaoSuperqq

30th: Mershiness

31st: Meow1000

32nd: DragonsFury

33rd: SuperSmash Master

35th: Minipoooot

35th: ActJef1077

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