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Round Two


Saturday, October 28th, 2006

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Poll 2545
Round Time Division Semi Final
Match # 47
Match Date Saturday, October 28th, 2006
Vote difference 17,835
Crono - 57.80%
118 for - 1 against
Crono - 63.75%
(27,187 brackets)

Crono's win over Bowser was every bit as boring as the win over Falcon, though the trend of votes had to ring a few alarms. It's funny how when Crono was going 62-38 on Bowser, some people were condemning the fat turtle for only being high in stats because of Snake being ass in sprite matches.

And then predictably, the day vote came along and caused Crono to bleed percentage for the rest of the match. It didn't cause him to lose or anything, but I remember thinking to myself "One of these days Crono is going to go up against someone that'll make him pay for being such a slug during the day". To this day, I'll never understand how Crono stayed even with Mario for three years or how Chrono Trigger held off Link to the Past. The game and all of its characters are awful during the day vote, to the point where it's just funny to watch.

Oh yeah, and apparently there was some stat scenario where Bowser was behind SFF and could have upset Crono with a true value. Or something. I don't care enough to look it up, because it's obviously completely meaningless.

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2006 Summer Contest Matches

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Samus > Nidoran F
Ada > Jade
Rikku > Lenneth
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Peach > Daisy
Zelda > Carmen
Terra > Kerrigan
KOS-MOS > Amy Rose
Aeris > Marle
Yuna > Roll
Joanna > Cortana
Chun Li > Kasumi
Lara > Alyx Vance

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Snake > Soma
Squall > Tidus
Yoshi > Riku
Dante > Ryu H
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Sonic > CATS
Vincent > Ganondorf
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Luigi > Zero
Crono > Falcon
Bowser > Leon
Auron > Alucard
Sub-Zero > Master Chief

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Samus > Ada
Rikku > Kairi
Tifa > The Boss
Peach > Jill
Zelda > Terra
Aeris > KOS-MOS
Yuna > Joanna
Chun Li > Lara
Snake > Squall
Yoshi > Dante
Sora > Gordon
Mega Man > Ryu
Sonic > Vincent
Luigi > Kirby
Crono > Bowser
Auron > Sub-Zero

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Tifa > Peach
Zelda > Aeris
Yuna > Chun Li
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Mega Man > Sora
Sonic > Luigi
Crono > Auron
Samus > Tifa
Zelda > Yuna
Snake > Mega Man
Sonic > Crono
Samus > Zelda
Snake > Sonic
Samus > Snake (Finals)
Solano > Link (Ultimate)

Battle Royale

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Final Day:
Link > Cloud

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