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Friday, July 14th, 2006

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Poll 2437
Division Ultima Division
Match # 13
Match Date Friday, July 14th, 2006
Vote difference 90,088
Final Fantasy - 79.25%
165 for - 1 against
Final Fantasy - 97.25%
(44,928 brackets)

Though this match was a predetermined blowout, the onus was on Final Fantasy in this match to perform well following the killer matches from Zelda and Mario in the matches prior. It was widely believed that Final Fantasy was the favorite to win the entire contest, but Zelda or even Mario pulling the upset wasn't impossible given the NintendoFAQs nonsense that has gone down over the last two years.

We had to wait to see what Final Fantasy was capable of, because some glitch caused the poll to be 30 minutes late. When FF and Diablo finally came out of the gate, Final Fantasy showcased itself in grand fashion. FF's blowout of Diablo was so epic that some called Final Fantasy the most powerful force ever seen in contests. On the surface, it's hard to argue with this. Diablo proved to be a fairly solid midcarder through the two 2005 contests, and can assume that Diablo 2 would have decent strength in a games contest. Final Fantasy flattened all of this in the blink of an eye. The vote totals and final percentage for it speak for themselves, especially given that the poll started 30 minutes late.

But hypothetically, imagine that this match were Final Fantasy 7 vs Diablo 2, or even Final Fantasy the series versus Diablo 2. Would the percentages be all that different? Given that Diablo is a series featuring two games and an expansion, one could postulate that this match was Final Fantasy versus D2: Lord of Destruction. From there, the blowout here doesn't seem so epic. For what it's worth, there's also the unbelievably unbalanced match picture that features FF's three most popular leads against three blobs and no Diablo the character.

Zelda had the prediction percentage advantage, Mario was less than a percent behind, and total votes were effectively even at this point. FF was still the favorite after this match, but not Villains Contest Sephiroth-style.

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