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Saturday, September 17th, 2005

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Poll 2126
Round Tournament Semi Final
Match # 61
Match Date Saturday, September 17th, 2005
Vote difference 14,980
Mario - 57.35%
66 for - 0 against
Mario - 42.04%
(14,207 brackets)

After Sonic was done handing Mega Man a free win, our contest's stretch run was upon us. Most of the matches from here on in are typically predictable as all hell, though this year we had the Mario/Crono/Mega Man trio to look forward to on top of a possible Link/Cloud epic.

But first it was Solid Snake's long-awaited first trip to the Final Four. Everyone knew that Mario was going to win, and Snake's fans simply wanted a moral victory.

See: Snake not getting completely killed and perhaps even winning a few updates. And in this regard, Snake delivered. Snake didn't get rolled up too terribly early on, and Snake managed to win an update less than two hours into the match. It didn't really matter that Snake would go on to lose, because the fans had seen what they wished for.

Better yet, if you go through the updater you'll see that Snake won 15 five minute updates through the match. And yes he was held in the lower 40% range in most of the others, but who's counting? =p

Both sides of this match got what they asked for. Snake got some time in the sun, while Mario easily won the match en route to a finals match that seemed like it could be an epic. All he had left to do was to wait to see who he would face.

As a final quick note, here are Snake's three projections against Mario:

  • 2002: 47.41%
  • 2003: 47.01%
  • 2004: 44.33%

Moral victory or not, either Snake went down or Mario went up. Mario broke 57% on post-MGS3 Solid Snake and would eventually give Snake his weakest Xst value; and if this wasn't an indication that Mario was easily going to win this contest I don't know what is. The winner of Crono/Mega Man had to flat-out kill the loser if they wanted any chance at this.

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Mario > Joanna
Ness > CJ
Zero > Ryu H
Lloyd > Wesker
Samus > Yuri
Frog > Riku
Ganondorf > Yuna
Auron > Big Boss
Snake > Manny
Zelda > Vivi
Alucard > Kratos
Sora > Agent 47
Kirby > Cecil
Tidus > King
Bowser > Chun Li

Ryu > Rikku
Master Chief > CATS
Donkey Kong > Sam Fisher
Vercetti > Kefka
Crono > Zidane
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Tifa > Vyse
Luigi > KOS-MOS
Mega Man > Conker
Leon > Gordon
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Pac-Man > Ocelot

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Mario > Ness
Zero > Lloyd
Samus > Frog
Ganondorf > Auron
Snake > Zelda
Sora > Alucard
Kirby > Tidus
Bowser > Ryu
Master Chief > DK
Crono > Vercetti
Vincent > Dante
Squall > Knuckles
Sonic > Diablo
Tifa > Luigi
Mega Man > Leon
Yoshi > Pac-Man

R3 and following
Mario > Zero
Samus > Ganondorf
Snake > Sora
Bowser > Kirby
Crono > Master Chief
Vincent > Squall
Sonic > Tifa
Mega Man > Yoshi
Mario > Samus
Snake > Bowser
Crono > Vincent
Mega Man > Sonic
Mario > Snake
Crono > Mega Man
Mario > Crono (Finals)

Tournament of

Link > Cloud

Sephiroth > Mario

Link > Sephiroth

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