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Thursday, July 20th, 2006

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Poll 2443
Division Snake Division Semi Final
Match # 19
Match Date Thursday, July 20th, 2006
Vote difference 34,560
Metal Gear - 73.81%
132 for - 0 against
Metal Gear - 82.08%
(37,919 brackets)

Solid Shit, meet Effeminate Marth. Effeminate Marth, Solid Shit. Seriously, the only character in that picture that I recognize is the generic Brigand.

This was an odd blowout in that the board vote actually gave Fire Emblem the lead for a few seconds. Metal Gear recovered quickly, but never really wowed in the match. It actually lost three percentage points throughout the day. This wasn't too big a deal given that of the four favored Final Four candidates, Metal Gear's path was the easiest, but one would assume that Metal Gear would be able to blow away something allegedly as cult as Fire Emblem.

And it's not that people doubted Fire Emblem's strength after this match so much as Silent Hill's. Looking ahead to the stats we have now, Silent Hill is 22nd. How many of the series below SH would you honestly pick SH to beat?

Sadly, that's about the only thing that can be taken from this match. Metal Gear was expected to blow Fire Emblem away, it didn't quite do that, but it didn't really matter in the slightest. It was a lock to win its next match before losing to Zelda in the Final Four either way.

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2006 Spring Contest Matches

Round One
The Legend of Zelda > Civilization
Mega Man X > Suikoden
Pokémon > Star Ocean
Metroid > Kirby
Metal Gear > Soul Calibur
Fire Emblem > Silent Hill
Castlevania > Halo
Kingdom Hearts > Harvest Moon
Super Mario Bros > Madden NFL
Warcraft > Grand Theft Auto
Sonic the Hedgehog > Devil May Cry
Super Smash Bros > Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy > Diablo
Mega Man > Mario Kart
Street Fighter > The Elder Scrolls
Resident Evil > Shadow Hearts

Round Two
The Legend of Zelda > Mega Man X
Metroid > Pokémon
Metal Gear > Fire Emblem
Kingdom Hearts > Castlevania
Super Mario Bros > Warcraft
Super Smash Bros > Sonic the Hedgehog
Final Fantasy > Mega Man
Resident Evil > Street Fighter
R3 and following
The Legend of Zelda > Metroid
Metal Gear > Kingdom Hearts
Super Mario Bros > Super Smash Bros
Final Fantasy > Resident Evil
The Legend of Zelda > Metal Gear
Final Fantasy > Super Mario Bros
The Legend of Zelda > Final Fantasy (Finals)

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