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Thursday, July 6th, 2006

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Poll 2429
Division Snake Division
Match # 05
Match Date Thursday, July 6th, 2006
Vote difference 44,140
Metal Gear - 70.54%
158 for - 2 against
Metal Gear - 88.25%
(40,770 brackets)



Anyway, I'll never get why "Metal Gear" made it into this field instead of Metal Gear Solid. Superfluous difference I realize, but still an odd one.

Regardless, this was a fun little 1-8 match solely because of SoulCalibur's Spring 2004 Contest standing in the (lol) X-Stats. Check out the stats and see for yourself where SoulCalibur is in relation to the two Metal Gear Solid games that made that same field.

No one with sense actually took said standing seriously enough to take this upset in this match, but going solely by stats this was the best chance for a 1 seed to go down in the first round since Halo. There's also circumstantial evidence borne of the Top 100 list that would not only suggest possible SFF walls holding down Metal Gear Solid, Goldeneye and perhaps even SOTN, but that most if not all of Division 128 was overrated.

This match would be the first of many that would help prove it. SoulCalibur was never in this match at all, and though MGS would start over 70% before falling to what you see above, this fact is irrelevant. One would assume that SoulCalibur would have gotten something like 40% given its Spring 2004 stat position. It never came close, and the bar was set for other series from Division 128 to bomb as well.

Halo? Grand Theft Auto? Super Smash Brothers? You're on notice, and you get a wag of the finger.

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2006 Spring Contest Matches

Round One
The Legend of Zelda > Civilization
Mega Man X > Suikoden
Pokémon > Star Ocean
Metroid > Kirby
Metal Gear > Soul Calibur
Fire Emblem > Silent Hill
Castlevania > Halo
Kingdom Hearts > Harvest Moon
Super Mario Bros > Madden NFL
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Sonic the Hedgehog > Devil May Cry
Super Smash Bros > Dragon Quest
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The Legend of Zelda > Mega Man X
Metroid > Pokémon
Metal Gear > Fire Emblem
Kingdom Hearts > Castlevania
Super Mario Bros > Warcraft
Super Smash Bros > Sonic the Hedgehog
Final Fantasy > Mega Man
Resident Evil > Street Fighter
R3 and following
The Legend of Zelda > Metroid
Metal Gear > Kingdom Hearts
Super Mario Bros > Super Smash Bros
Final Fantasy > Resident Evil
The Legend of Zelda > Metal Gear
Final Fantasy > Super Mario Bros
The Legend of Zelda > Final Fantasy (Finals)

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