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Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

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Poll 2445
Division Mushroom Division Semi Final
Match # 21
Match Date Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
Vote difference 75,034
Super Mario Bros. - 73.78%
134 for - 0 against
Super Mario Bros. - 76.46%
(35,323 brackets)

This match picture was pretty indicative of how the match itself went. The few insane people out there that actually had Warcraft beating Mario in their brackets had their fate laid out for them even before Warcraft's beating of GTA was over. Rally topics were made on the WoW forums about the match, and "IT'S FREAKING MARIO!" was the most common response.

But even then, few expected Warcraft to get beaten quite this badly. In the beginning of the match, Mario was actually near 85%. It's a telling sign when a fanbase considers a drop from 85% to *only* winning with 81% a moral victory of sorts, though the oddity of Mario not increasing his percentage with the day vote was relatively meaningless here. Mario's killing of Warcraft was a clear sign that Mario had a good chance at Final Fantasy in the final four of this thing, at least given how strong most expected GTA to be before the contest started. And if GTA was expected to have possible top four strength, then Warcraft being in the same boat was just common sense at this point.

Unfortunately, the only excitement this match had to offer were Warcraft fans whining about the "biased" match pics and Ceej being against it and blah blah blah. Granted the Warcraft pics weren't the best, but Blizzard doesn't really make photogenic games.

One question though, for anyone reading this. Are those Grunt sprites really from Warcraft 2? Because I found this:

Those look nothing like what's in the match pic.

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