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Monday, July 10th, 2006

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Poll 2433
Division Mushroom Division
Match # 09
Match Date Monday, July 10th, 2006
Vote difference 99,537
Super Mario Bros. - 86.14%
164 for - 0 against
Super Mario Bros. - 96.11%
(44,401 brackets)

There is a certain charm that comes in historical blowouts, and Madden NFL was this contest's best version of Tanner. Madden was the only series in the contest to crack the all time top ten lowest individual vote totals.

But what gets me were all the people before the contest saying that Madden could be a sleeper dark pick if he were given a good spot in the bracket. Never mind the fact that GameFAQs has historically hated virtually all sports games. I'm also one of the 4 Madden fans that exist on GameFAQs, and I conceded that it would be the ultimate of fodder before this contest began.

This match played out like all other hilarious blowouts, with the loser having updates where it would pull in like single digit vote totals, and the winner looked like a would-be contest champion. Though in Mario's case, I don't know if the overestimation was too far gone. Zelda came out and set a new record for vote totals, only to see it shattered with ease by its Nintendo brethren eight days later. I put more stock into individual votes than most, so it was during this match that I started to figure that Zelda and Mario both had good shots at taking Final Fantasy down. Either that, or the two series just happened to be handed Barry Horowitz in the bracket. Who would know for sure until the Final Four.

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2006 Spring Contest Matches

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The Legend of Zelda > Civilization
Mega Man X > Suikoden
Pokémon > Star Ocean
Metroid > Kirby
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Kingdom Hearts > Harvest Moon
Super Mario Bros > Madden NFL
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The Legend of Zelda > Final Fantasy (Finals)

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