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Round One


Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

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Poll 2510
Division Triforce Division
Match # 12
Match Date Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
Vote difference 45,526
Aeris Gainsborough - 74.78%
149 for - 0 against
Aeris Gainsborough - 87.74%
(37,418 brackets)

I would have enjoyed this match a lot more if I didn't utterly despise both characters, but moving on.

I told JP for a good two years that Aeris would get into a contest again if he'd just shut up about her. When he finally decided to "leave" Board 8 (which he never actually did; he was here reading topics but not responding the entire time), she made it back in. Surprise surprise. Granted Aeris was a mortal lock to make it in under this male-female format (though it was odd not seeing her as an 11 seed having to score two "upsets" in a row to make it into the third round again), but that's beside the point.

This match had the makings of being an SFF beating for the ages, but then I remembered that Chrono Trigger broke 40% on FF7 in the games contest. If there were any SFF in Aeris/Marle it would likely be minimal at best. And it was. Aeris did well in breaking 80,000 votes, but these percentages don't really line up with the historic SFF killings of the past. 70-30 is more what you'd expect from the natural strength of these two characters.

One thing that caught my eye however is that Marle didn't completely collapse during the infamous "lol hi I'm the CT day vote and I suck" part of the match. Aeris only gained like 2% during the day, and Marle took almost a full percent of that back by the end of the match. If Aeris couldn't make a killing during the day vote against a CT character, then what chance in hell did she have of beating Zelda in the division finals? Because really, Zelda/Aeris was the only debatable part of this division going in... until Aeris failed to go nuts during the day vote against Marle of all people. KOS-MOS will get the credit for exposing Aeris, but she doesn't deserve all of it.

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