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Sunday, August 7th, 2005

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Poll 2085
Division Flood Division
Match # 20
Match Date Sunday, August 7th, 2005
Vote difference 51,944
Crono - 75.02%
95 for - 0 against
Crono - 89.87%
(30,370 brackets)

What does Crono need to do to prove that he's worthy of a 1 seed? Lara Croft, Pac Man, Solid Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, Bowser, Kefka, Ganondorf, Kirby, Master Chief, and Dante have now all gotten 1 seeds before Crono. Good god.

After the madness that was Kefka/Vercetti, a nice simple match was needed to calm everyone down a little. Crono/Zidane did this wonderfully, because the only real question in this match was whether or not Crono would SFF Zidane. 2004 Crono would be projected to score around 66% on 2004 Vivi, while he'd be projected to score a whopping 81% on Spring 2005 Kuja. One would assume that he'd fall somewhere in between the two.

That's... about all that Crono did of any note, really. This match was amazingly consistent from start to finish; Crono had 74.81% of the vote one minute into the poll, and his range in the match was only 74.5%-79%. Consistent matches are good for gauging strength given how rare consistency is in these things, but not a whole not else. You can barely take anything from within these numbers if you believe that there was a lot of SFF in the match, no less.

My only complaint here is that a lot the new Square characters that got into this contest by CJayC ditching the cap (all of which I like) were given the shaft by being put into matches that they simply had no chance to win. Zidane, whom I absolute adore, is another in a long line of examples. Then again, FF9 isn't exactly the type of game that gets a ton of respect anyway.

There is but one true question that can be wrought from this match. Was Zidane SFFd, and if so, would he have been stronger than Vivi if he were faced against someone different? Zidane really should have been switched with Sam Fisher in this bracket.

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