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Round One


Sunday, October 1st, 2006

Ulti's Analysis Edit

Poll 2518
Division Patriot Division
Match # 20
Match Date Sunday, October 1st, 2006
Vote difference 36,318
Dante - 64.55%
136 for - 0 against
Dante - 78.84%
(33,622 brackets)

Can't get more badass than that pic, can't get more boring than this match. According to 2005 stats, Dante was supposed to beat Ryu with 63.72% of the vote. As you can see, he did 1.5% better. He could have finished with a higher percentage, but he lost some percentage in the second half of the match for whatever reason.

Now while this match could easily be used to ring Yoshi's death bell in the second round, that assumption means a constant Riku. Constant Riku was doubtful, and the 1.5% overperformance can easily be chalked up to bracket voting or random variation. That said, the Yoshi > Dante upset wasn't looking too good after this match. Dante was clearly constant, while Yoshi was a wild card going in, relying on a NintendoFAQs factor to win. It's always nice having debated matches in which both characters have a good chance.

Dunno what else there really is to say about Dante's win here, really.

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2006 Summer Contest Matches

R1 (Female)
Samus > Nidoran F
Ada > Jade
Rikku > Lenneth
Kairi > Claire
Tifa > Ivy
The Boss > Celes
Jill > Sheena
Peach > Daisy
Zelda > Carmen
Terra > Kerrigan
KOS-MOS > Amy Rose
Aeris > Marle
Yuna > Roll
Joanna > Cortana
Chun Li > Kasumi
Lara > Alyx Vance

R1 (Male)
Snake > Soma
Squall > Tidus
Yoshi > Riku
Dante > Ryu H
Sora > Tingle
Gordon > Phoenix
Ryu > Kratos
Mega Man > Axel
Sonic > CATS
Vincent > Ganondorf
Kirby > PoP
Luigi > Zero
Crono > Falcon
Bowser > Leon
Auron > Alucard
Sub-Zero > Master Chief

Round Two
Samus > Ada
Rikku > Kairi
Tifa > The Boss
Peach > Jill
Zelda > Terra
Aeris > KOS-MOS
Yuna > Joanna
Chun Li > Lara
Snake > Squall
Yoshi > Dante
Sora > Gordon
Mega Man > Ryu
Sonic > Vincent
Luigi > Kirby
Crono > Bowser
Auron > Sub-Zero

R3 and following
Samus > Rikku
Tifa > Peach
Zelda > Aeris
Yuna > Chun Li
Snake > Yoshi
Mega Man > Sora
Sonic > Luigi
Crono > Auron
Samus > Tifa
Zelda > Yuna
Snake > Mega Man
Sonic > Crono
Samus > Zelda
Snake > Sonic
Samus > Snake (Finals)
Solano > Link (Ultimate)

Battle Royale

Day 1 (6 left)
Day 2 (5 left)

Day 3 (4 left)
Day 4 (3 left)

Final Day:
Link > Cloud

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