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Round One


Monday, October 9th, 2006

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Poll 2526
Division Blast Division
Match # 28
Match Date Monday, October 9th, 2006
Vote difference 9,644
Luigi - 48.65%
41 for - 89 against
Luigi - 71.84%
(30,637 brackets)

This match was funny in that it was a great clash between casual bracketmakers and those "in the know". Most casuals picked Luigi without thinking twice, and as you can see there were more casuals than you might have expected. Most people with stat knowledge picked Zero without thinking twice, and the big debate with Zero was whether or not Kirby, not Luigi, would beat him before Sonic could. Most objections on Board 8 were met with either stats (Zero has always performed better than Luigi in them) or a history lesson, because Luigi has never really won a debated match. Even most of the Luigi backers on Board 8 knew this, and were betting on fanboy love or Zero being a fraud in the stats.

And then the match began, with "O__O WTF??" being the response of choice. Not only was Luigi in the match, but he was laying the beatdown into Zero en route to an absolute destruction of him. Luigi was on the ass end of everything other than seeding and match picture going into this match, yet Zero looked like the eternal underdog once the smoke cleared. It was Luigi's first win in a tough match, and the prediction percentage being revealed after the match added insult to injury. All of the people with knowledge of all those stats kind of got, um... punked.

RPGuy (Loogie fanboy to the max) has the best theory of why it went down this way. Paraphrased, characters like Zero and Ryu and Dante do very well for themselves, but generally never had to face Squintendo characters in order to get the high values that we've all slapped on them. Non-Squintendo characters seem to have two different strengths, based on whether or not they're facing the two big companies.

Eh, makes as much sense as anything else. Luigi's "upset" put him in prime position to make the Sweet 16 for the first time ever.

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