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Results Edit

Round Two


Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis Edit

Poll 2546
Round Time Division Semi Final
Match # 48
Match Date Sunday, October 29th, 2006
Vote difference 25,927
Auron - 61.45%
116 for - 2 against
Auron - 35.88%
(15,301 brackets)

It never fails; Master Chief is always going to be overestimated to hell and back in these things. Only 36% of people had Auron winning twice?

Anyway, Subby's upset run lasted all of one match, and Auron predictably beat him easily. The vote totals are a bit high due to the match being 25 hours long, but still, nearly 135,000 votes on a meaningless second round match is silly. And Sub-Zero looks like The Shredder in the match pic, which is totally unrelated but I felt like mentioning it anyway.

What truly matters here is that a long-standing injustice has finally been rectified. A couple years back, Auron faced Scorpion in a match. The result:

Auron won 64.85% - 35.15%. Extrapolated, Sub-Zero scores 43.53% on his inferior palette swap clone POS. This match made me a happy man, because for two years Scorpion kept getting into brackets on the basis of one weak-ass eightpack while the far superior Sub-Zero sat on the sidelines. When Subby finally got his chance to perform, he not only exposed Master Chief (But who doesn't?) but he also proved that Scorpion never had a place getting into contests over him. Thank you, Rally Contest <3

And on that note, two rounds in the books with our best contest stretch run since Games 2004 yet to go.

Match Trends Edit


External Links Edit

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Kirby > PoP
Luigi > Zero
Crono > Falcon
Bowser > Leon
Auron > Alucard
Sub-Zero > Master Chief

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Rikku > Kairi
Tifa > The Boss
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Zelda > Terra
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Snake > Squall
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Auron > Sub-Zero

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Tifa > Peach
Zelda > Aeris
Yuna > Chun Li
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Crono > Auron
Samus > Tifa
Zelda > Yuna
Snake > Mega Man
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Samus > Snake (Finals)
Solano > Link (Ultimate)

Battle Royale

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Final Day:
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