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Thursday, August 18th, 2005

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Poll 2096
Division 20XX Division
Match # 31
Match Date Thursday, August 18th, 2005
Vote difference 46,614
Yoshi - 72.36%
88 for - 0 against
Yoshi - 92.16%
(31,144 brackets)

This match was like Donkey Kong/Sam Fisher in that it was comparable to watching flies screw in terms of excitement, with the only difference being that I myself am a rather big fan of the two characters in the poll. DK and Sam... not so much. We'll go as far as to say that this match was like watching sex between a caterpillar and a millipede with gout; setting up the positions was fun enough to watch, but the actual action of it... not so much. In the end, this really was just another poll in which a Nintendo character was given the chance to flex some muscle against fodder.

Laharl was projected to score 28.24% in the match. Yoshi began the poll with over 75%, stayed extremely consistent (see also: as boring as watching a mouse attempt to bone a gerbil), and ended the poll by doing better than the stats suggested by 2%. Given that Yoshi was a lock to win his fourpack before jobbing to Mega Man, there really isn't much else to say about this match. The only surprise as far as I can tell is that Laharl made it back into this contest in the first place. I figured that the Disgaea cult wouldn't be able to get Laharl in a second time after seeing how badly he did the first time around.

But we're a good fanbase, we Disgaea fans. We're like trying to watch Stacy Keibler get it on with Angelina Jolie.

Or not. Maybe Laharl can get in next year and face someone really weak from a game that sold like three copies, who knows. As for Yoshi, he was.... well on his way to winning his fourpack before jobbing to Mega Man. Stunning.

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