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Results Edit

Round One


Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Ulti's Analysis Edit

Poll 2500
Division Spazer Division
Match # 02
Match Date Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
Vote difference 50,829
Ada Wong - 63.77%
146 for - 1 against
Ada Wong - 64.77%
(27,622 brackets)

This match was the first of many that would cause mass whining about the female bracket, though the whining was kind of funny in this match. "Who the F is Jade?" was the slogan of the day, as well as postulations claiming that Jade from Mortal Kombat would have given Ada a real match.

...come to think of it, I can't remember what game Jade is from. Beyond Good and Evil, was it?

Anyway, depending on your perspective, this match was one of two things. Either Ada was a complete beast, or Jade just sucked. It wouldn't take long for us to find out, because Ada's easy win meant a date with Samus in the next round.

Fun little note: the Resident Evil day vote is so pathetic that Ada's percentage actually went down a little bit before she made a slight recovery in the evening. I'm also completely out of things to say (boring matches featuring two noobs do that), so I'll just ask "HOW THE **** DID JADE GET A 5 SEED?" and move on.

Honestly, Jade was so pathetic that our streak of matches breaking 100,000 total votes ended by about 1850. Damn yoooooooou. On the bright side, I had actually polished up RE4 just before this contest began. Seeing Ada win a match was pretty nice, and I don't care what XIII says. Ada is the third best character in Mercs for her semi-auto rifle alone. As for how much damage she takes, stop sucking and learn how to avoid things <_<

Match Trends Edit


External Links Edit

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