Results Edit

Round One


Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
Poll 2520
Division Destiny Division
Match # 22
Match Date Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
Vote difference 18,120
Gordon Freeman - 57.15%
105 for - 32 against
Gordon Freeman - 56.79%
(24,219 brackets)

Ulti's Analysis Edit

Let me be a bit serious before getting into the match. The hype for this thing was 100% useless. There was no way in hell Phoenix was going to win this, and I say that as one of his biggest fans. The game sold like ass, and all of the Phoenix hype assumed that Half-Life 2 never happened. What Gordon did against Leon Kennedy last year was no fluke. It's almost like Phoenix > Gordon was as big a fad as Phoenix himself, though the game being awesome warrants fad power.

Anyway, yeah... hype. Lots of it. For no real reason other than wanting to see GFNW continue on, and a loss to Phoenix Wright would have ended up the most embarrassing of them all. But deep down, I think most people realized that Gordon was going to win. I'm convinced the hype for this was more fad than anything else.

Phoenix scored the board vote as one would expect, jumping out to a lead of over 100 in the first 5 minutes. But the board vote died after that, as did Phoenix's chances of pulling out the funniest win of all time. Gordon Freeman got on track at the ten minute mark, and never looked back en route to the first win he's ever had. Dunno if it'll be his last, but his first certainly wasn't as exciting as it could have been. This tends to happen when you beat one of the favored characters of Board 8, LUE and LL.

Fitting division name, eh? We've been living in the negaverse ever since. Technically speaking, nothing that has happened since this match has occurred within the bounds of reality.

Stats and Analysis Edit

When the bracket of the Summer 2006 Contest was shown, it seemed that Gordon Freeman would lose his match as usual. The really short sales of Phoenix Wright's game wouldn't break the tradition... especially with the Objection! website.

Phoenix was winning in the first updates, but then... Gordon started to rise, and build an advantage. 60, 155, 500, 1000, 3000, 8000...

In the end, Gordon won. Phoenix and GFNW fans whined, and the universe didn't implode. People asked for the heads of Amazing Telephone, creator of GFNW, ZenOfThunder, whose PW rallying led to his high seed and defeat, and the anonymous who thought about the universe's end.

And CATS became GameFAQs' biggest loser.

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