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Sunday, August 29th, 2004

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Poll 1746
Division Chaos Division
Match # 29
Match Date Sunday, August 29th, 2004
Vote difference 25,642
Sora - 59.99%
63 for - 2 against
Sora - 75.40%
(25,049 brackets)

Everyone knew that Sora was going to win this match, and the only people who went against this were those using the Spring Contest as their argument. You know, because KOTOR getting 40% on Vice City means that a character not even required in his own game was going to stand up to the lead from Kingdom Hearts, a game with a heavy Square influence to it.

The problem with this match is that HK-47 had never been in one of these contests before, and because of this, we had no way to validate the strength or weakness of either character. All we had to go on were two matches involving Sora, and one of them was a 66-34 blowout at the hands of Aeris. For all we know, HK-47 could have been stronger or weaker than expected, and it's fairly possible that Sora was underestimated coming into the contest due to possible SFF suffered at the hands of Aeris last year. But regardless of all the theories, we had no way to validate Sora's strength until the second round. But even then, due to 2003 Xsts, Sora was expected to lose anyway to either Ryu Hayabusa or Jill Valentine. Jill placed so far ahead of Sora last year that it was assumed that no matter who won the Ryu/Jill match, that the winner would cruise to an easy win against Sora. After all, the only way for Sora to suddenly be as strong as the winner of that match would be for either character to be far weaker than 2003's version of Jill Valentine. There is also the Sora/Aeris SFF theory, but honestly, there is no possible way that Sora could have suffered that much...... right?

Heh, sure.

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2004 Summer Contest Matches

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