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The temporary yet senseless name for RX7InfinitiIII's three-part webcomic and multi-part flash series.

The comicEdit

The first comic was an inside joke with limited (or no) outside potential, but the second and third seem to be rather popular among board 8 users. Of note is the fact that each comic was made in Adobe Photoshop 4.0 under a strict time limit of 10 minutes. They can be viewed at the following locations:




A continuation of this trilogy is expected to come "soon" (read: never).

The flashEdit

Actually, that last sentence in the comic section was a lie. On February 09, 2006, RX7 released the first of a planned series of flashes continuing the tradition of 1000K the comic. Entitled "nuked", the flash met with immediate success on Board 8 and elsewhere. It can be viewed at this location, although it does not seem to work in Firefox, so you will have to open it with Flashplayer or IE:


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