In Summer 2006 Contest, CJayC used a Battle Royale format in the Tournament of Champions, and DpObliVion thought that was a pretty awesome idea. In Summer 2007 Contest, we have a 128-character bracket with 4-way matches, and it's created the most insane bracket yet. So Dp figured....what if we combined these two great ideas? What if we take these 128 characters, and instead of the sets of four, what if we put them all into one giant poll and made a huge Battle Royale out of it, with the lowest vote getter being eliminated? (You may have saw the topic wondering who would win one poll with all characters in it....Dp's idea came before the contest started, for the record, though that topic did help to rejuvenate the idea.)

There are a couple concerns of course with something of this size. First of all, this should not run like a Save My Character. We've had plenty of those already. Rounds will run about 24 hours, and it's supposed to be whoever gets the least votes is eliminated, not whoever fails to get x votes is eliminated.

This brings us to the 2nd concern. There are 128 characters. Are we going to get that many voters? No. And are all voters going to vote for a unique character? No. So there is a bit of worry on Dp's end that with this first round, we're going to see a bunch of characters finish without a single vote. This brings us to....


- Rounds will last approximately 24 hours. Whoever has the least amount of votes after this period is eliminated. If more than 1 character finish with 0 votes, they are all [likely] eliminated. If there's a tie for last with at least 1 vote each, there will be a tiebreaker.

- Please don't look at the current day's votes before voting yourself. Obviously I have no way to enforce this, but again, for the good of this kind of contest, I think it is much better if you don't let previous votes influence your own. Think of it like an actual GameFAQs poll where you most likely vote before checking the results.

- Just like the real contests, no vote stuffing is allowed.

- Anyone who has gotten at least 1 vote in the first half of at least 9 of the first 10 days gets 1 free pass if they get 0 votes and there is no .5 day. ALSO, if an eligible character fails to get 1 vote on 2 subsequent days, but without the need to use the free pass, the free pass is lost.



2. Mewtwo
3. Ridley
4. Dante
5. Sephiroth
6. Kirby
7. Jade Curtiss
7. Miles 'Tails' Prower
9. Knuckles the Echidna
10. Amaterasu
11. Vincent Valentine
12. Guybrush Threepwood
13. Crono
15. Laharl
15. Pikachu
15. Rikku
18. Donkey Kong
18. Luigi
18. Samus Aran
21. Ness
22. Agent J
22. Miles Edgeworth
24. Crash Bandicoot
24. Kratos Aurion
24. L-Block
24. Phoenix Wright
28. Vergil
29. Vyse
30. Isaac
31. Prince of All Cosmos
31. Tommy Vercetti
33. PaRappa
34. Squall Leonhart
34. Vivi Ornitier
34. Zelos Wilder
37. Bomberman
37. Mudkip
37. Revolver Ocelot
37. Solid Snake
37. Toad
42. Big Boss
42. The Boss
42. Tingle
45. Master Chief
45. Nightmare
45. Raiden
45. Serge
45. Sonic the Hedgehog
50. Leon Kennedy
51. Aeris Gainsborough
51. Agent 47
51. Cloud Strife
51. Pac-Man
55. Alucard
55. HK-47
57. Bowser
57. CATS
57. Fox McCloud
57. Ike
57. Jill Valentine
57. Lloyd Irving
57. Magus
57. Mario
57. Shadow the Hedgehog
57. Zelda
57. Zero
57. Zidane Tribal
69. Mega Man
70. Midgar Zolom
70. Yuna
72. Bidoof
73. Sora
74. Axel
74. Duke Nukem
74. Tom Nook
77. Albert Wesker
77. Geno
77. Kefka
80. Link
80. Rayman
82. Balthier Bunansa
82. Prince of Persia
82. Spyro the Dragon
85. Frank West
85. Haseo
85. Marcus Fenix
85. Pyramid Head
89. Captain Falcon
89. Chris Redfield
89. Frog
89. Ganondorf
89. Kratos
89. Liquid Snake
89. Marth
89. Meta Knight
89. Wander
98. Arthas Menethil
98. Auron
98. Banjo
98. Tidus
102. Little Mac
102. Midna
102. Pit
102. Ratchet
102. Roxas
102. Ryu (Street Fighter)
102. Sam Fisher
102. Sarah Kerrigan
102. Simon Belmont
102. Viewtiful Joe
102. Wario
113. Ada Wong
113. Akuma
113. Daxter
113. Diablo
113. Gordon Freeman
113. Jak
113. Lara Croft
113. Matt (Wii Sports)
113. Nathan Hale
113. Princess Peach
113. Riku
113. Ryu Hayabusa
113. Scorpion
113. Sub-Zero
113. Thrall
113. Vaan

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