The 8 User 1 vote user contest was a simple series of user contests hosted by an unknown entity in 2007. The man held 8 of them, then put the 8 in an "all stars" event, with DSRage being crowned the winner. While the man promised more, more were never delivered, and this became yet another user contest in the dozens in B8 history.

winner of the first event: 2. RayDyn defeats 1. xTofuOfDoom 1-0.

winner of the second event: 5. The Utility Man defeats 2. IhatethisCPU 1-0.

winner of the third event: 8. Steiner Shocker defeats 6. Delseban 1-0.

winner of the fourth event: 6. Minipoooot defeats 8. Alex Shelley 1-0.

winner of the fifth event: 3. DSRage defeats 1. SanityLapse 1-0.

winner of the sixth event: 1. Icehawk defeats 6. X_Dante_X 1-0.

winner of the seventh event: 4. LokiGamer defeats 3. FFDragon 1-0.

winner of the eighth event: 6. Fedor defeats 7. Mershiness 1-0.

winner of the all-stars event: 5. DSRage defeats 6. Icehawk 1-0.

DSRage has become the first ever ultimate champion of board 8

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