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Round One


Thursday, September 6th, 2007

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Poll 2866
Division 1
Match # 4
Match Date Thursday, September 6th, 2007
Midna - 34.55%
Scorpion - 30.67%
Kratos Aurion - 22.43%
Agent 47 - 12.35%
Scorpion first place (2pts) - 20.12%
Scorpion second place (1pt) - 46.59%
Midna second place (2pts) - 26.05%
Midna first place (1pt) - 18.69%
Scorpion - 66.71% (24,499)
Midna - 44.74% (16,430)

This was our first "boring" match of the contest, but that didn't stop it from being good anyway.

See, most people expected Midna to be the one way out in first place. After all, she was the new Zelda character from Ocarina of Time Rehash: Delayed to Sell Wiis Edition. Most people really like her in said game, and as we all know, Zelda Always Wins.

Well, it didn't really turn out that way. Scorpion dominated this poll about as well as a non-elite can dominate, and even though she advanced into round 2 Midna completely crapped the bed here. The only reason she advanced at all was being a hyped Zelda character, and the bad competition helped. Agent 47 is irrelevant, and Kratos is another character in the long line of Tales characters unable to win a match. Even if you reran the one match a Tales character was able to win, Lloyd > Wesker all the way back in 2005, is there any doubt the result gets reversed now?

Now that I'm looking back on stuff for the first time in awhile, Midna lucked out big time here and Scorpion did REALLY well. With Mortal Kombat 9 getting such rave reviews all over the place, he and Sub-Zero should boost and we should also finally get more than two characters from that series into the field.

Stats and Analysis Edit

this was the first real upset of the contest, and it wasn't even close. Midna was touted as the first Zelda character with actual personality and the star of Twilight Princess, the 2006 Game of the Year that crushed the competition. her competition was a washed up fighting game character, a fairly cult RPG character and Agent 47. easy, yeah?

well, Scorpion took the lead early, widened the gap quickly and never looked back. Midna may be well-known, but it seems the voters look at her as being more like Navi than Link. Midna was one of the biggest bombs of 2007, and this was looked at as being overestimation of Midna as opposed to underestimating Scorpion.

in reality, it was both.

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2007 Contest Matches

Round One
Yoshi > Knuckles
Mega Man > KOS-MOS
Samus > Frog
Scorpion > Midna
Marcus > Kefka
Cloud > Ocelot
Auron > Shadow
Ryu > Bowser
Sephiroth > Meta Knight
Fox > Wario
Mario > Big Boss
Magus > Phoenix Wright
Link > Bidoof
Vincent > Zelda
Crono > Raiden

Zero > HK-47
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Kratos > Donkey Kong
Snake > Nightmare
Ryu H > Riku
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Sora > Lara
Duke > Gordon
Sonic > Sub-Zero

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Mega Man > Yoshi
Samus > Scorpion
Cloud > Marcus
Auron > Ryu
Sephiroth > Fox
Mario > Big Boss
Link > Vincent
Crono > Zero
Ganondorf > Luigi
Master Chief > Yuna
Dante > Amaterasu
Leon > Pikachu
Kratos > L-Block
Snake > Riku
Squall > Sora
Sonic > Sub-Zero

R3 and following
Samus > Mega Man
Cloud > Ryu
Sephiroth > Mario
Link > Vincent
Master Chief > Luigi
Pikachu > Dante
Snake > L-Block
Sonic > Squall
Cloud > Samus
Link > Sephiroth
Master Chief > Dante
L-Block > Snake
Link > Cloud
L-Block > Snake
L-Block > Link (Finals)
? Block > L-Block (Bonus)

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