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andymancan1 VS TurnTurnTurn was a rivalry in late 2006-early 2007 that quickly became a favorite among many users. Almost any topic remotely involving either of the two users will develop into a giant argument between the two of them. They argue over such topics as whether or not the US or the UK is the superior country, andymancan1's girlfriend's existence (or lack thereof), TurnTurnTurn being an alt or a troll, and various other trivial issues.

TurnTurnTurn was frequently backed by users such as SmartMuffin in these arguments. Among some users, Turn was seen as "winning" the various confrontations; their objection lay in the personal insults directed at one or both sides. Turn really didn't argue, he just insulted and tried to keep up his image that he was "better" then Andyman. Turn was modded on some occasions for ToU violations.

andymancan was backed by various users, depending on the topic and time of day.

In addition to these two parties, there was also a third party, who insists that the fighting must stop. Notable users among this party are StifledSilence and Minipoooot, both of whom were friends with both andy and Turn.

The rivalry has *apparently* (according to andy) been ended, but after that statement, andy has allegedly taken more shots at Turn after provocation, leading some to conclude that the rivalry is not over.

After making a topic to complain about signatures about not liking Haley Scarnato, Sine informed andy that not liking Haley Scarnato was, in fact, not harassment. Andy left the board for a while afterwards.

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