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Animal Crossing: Wild World is a single and multiplayer game for the Nintendo DS. It can be connected to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, therefore, it is also an online game, with friend codes. Because of its Wi-Fi status, it was released at the same time as Tony Hawk's American Sk8land, another DS Wi-Fi game.

To get your friend code, you must have gone online at least once. Go to the menu, and hit the heart button. Press the key, and your information will be right there. Remember that to play with someone online, you must have each other's friend codes.

Friend Code list: Edit

beavis666x2: 1160-5838-2544 Town: Mars Name: Beavis

GuessMyUserName: 2148-7988-1809 Town: Zozo Name: Dylan

SA2Tails: 3307-7455-3861 Town: Place Name: SA2Tails

Zachnorn: 1203-1987-7565 Town: Rivera Name: Zachary

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