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Since there was Laziness Involved when it came to making Bigpun's Profile, he had to write most of it himself >_>



Don't mess with the dude!

Bigpun is a unknown Vet of the Board (been around since '02)

A Hispanic thug but, a Geeky Fighting game fanatic At Heart. sometimes his brown pride shows online, and he ends up looking like an ass, but its All Good...

He Found GameFAQs when he was trying to find ways to cheat In Marvel Vs Street fighter. Created a account named Leo####(forgot the numbers) but it got banned. Then an online friend of his created the account "BIGPUN9999" for him (it wasn't his idea to name it that, its named after his email)

He was a Regular at the Anime boards and a vet in the "The Legend of Zelda:Collector's Edition" board

He was first a lurker at Board 8, but his first post there was a 500th post to a Bethstardust topic. He thought GameFAQs was nothing but Gaming discussion but he saw that Board 8 was more of a social board, so he stuck around.

He started posting away and met Colorful People Like Tombs And Icon.

He was just a user though, he didn't actually contribute anything to the board.

Then one day, He got a job, then his Social Life boosted. then he got a girlfriend and didn't have time for GameFAQs much anymore. Then he came back, most people didn't recognize him nor he of them. He saw that the old regulars had become "vets" and usually aren't around like they used to be.

He tries to come on as much as he can, because he's a geek at heart and loves Board 8.

Like mentioned above, he hasn't contributed much to the board, Thus he hasn't given much reason for users to remember him, but it's all good.

He's more or less a lurker now, and posts in topics every once and awhile.

Also, he has 2 boards

though he doesn't really do anything with them...but you can visit them if you like

Niko-Niko PUN


In Fall of 2011, he got in some monetary trouble and can use prayers and hugs.

Bigpun has NO Connection with the users Mighty_BP and Buckethead9999

Fun Facts:Edit

  • For some reason, board 8 really dislikes punny. they ignore him. he won't get credit for things he finds out. they think "lol stupid gangsta, get off our internets" and they dislike him, and for good reason
  • He is currently GameFAQs Married To CrimsonOcean. that means he married into the Fanta family. lol Mershiness being his brother in law
  • He came up with the Hybrid ASCII "Phoenix Zolom".

  • He likes to sprite edit in his spare spare spare spare time

well, in his spare time, when he's not with his friends or with work, he watches TV. when he has spare time from that. he's on the internet doing things. when he has spare time from that, he'll be on gamefaqs, and when he has spare time from that, he'll be editing sprites. LOLZ

  • Many Users thought He Was Black.
  • He's a Owner of a Xbox 360. His Gamertag Is "Texas BLT".

  • How Bigpun Got his 360:

Basically, his friend Spent money he didn't have. He bought the premium Package, and 8 games, extra controller, charger, etc etc. spending over 1000 bucks. ALL when the 360 first launched. Then that friend Got fired from his job and needed money to pay for his car. Bigpun offered to pay 200 dollars for all of the xbox merchandise and he agreed. Bigpun's Happiness can be seen in a picture known as "The Face Of Joy". Bigpun's friend COULD'VE went to EB to trade it in for more than 200 bucks. but he didn't know you could do that. yea, bigpun's Real life friends are idiots...

Whats funny is, Bigpun got his PSP and his DS nearly the same exact way

he got his PSP a month after it launched from a buddy that sold it to him just for 100 bucks!

and he got his DS from a coworker for $100 as well. Bigpun is luckY!

  • His Account Is NOT named after Bigpun the rapper. its a coincidence...

His Nickname used to be "Big Punisher". Believe it or not >_>

  • Hes only gotten two 500 topics. in 03 he introduced the "is the above user a n00b, Newb, Vet, or legend?" topic to b8. that was his first one. and he can't remember his second one...and also some BLU Contest related topics have hit 500 as well
  • He has been Sig'D 10 times.

unfortunately, he doesn't not remember WHAT was sigged, but he kinda remembers who did him the honor

1. Tombsy

2.Shadow Ryoko


4.Huff N Puff 20

5.some penguin guy


7.Crimson Ocean

8.Heroic Palmer

(kinda. I posted a pic of a "Real life" cubone in some topic. then he made a topic saying "thanks for my sig pun!")


10. The Albion Hero

11.Link the midgit.

  • He's The Creator Of that YTMND of Icon,

it was around the time he became "president" of the board. that was back in the day, some more or less took it as a joke, but he made the YTMND to honor him :P

then he created another one but with ulti. but it wasn't nearly as famous:

  • For one reason or another, when Gavin posted his Pic (the one where he's shrugging) for the first time, BIGPUN saved it, and he started posting it every where in Board 8. In a way, Pun made Gavin well known in b8 >_>;;
  • He's A Fighting Game Fanboy. Of the Street Fighter Kind, but he Plays SNK games as well.

His Teams In Various fighting Games

King Of Fighters :Ryo Sakazaki, Joe Higashi, And Terry Bogard

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: Akuma, Hayato, and Cyclops

Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Ryu, Haohmaru, And Terry Bogard.

  • Pun's Collection in two forms:

- My games page

and better yet

- Pun's Backloggery

  • Hes a star of his own game
  • His Favorite Character In the Wholewide world is Ryu (Street Fighter)
  • He was a Member of CoBs and the Book club before they were disbanded.
  • He's The one that threw the 5 dollars to Theo, which got intercepted by Tweeeked, thus started Their "Rivalry" <_<
  • He has the power to see you winding and grinding up on the floor. and when you see him looking at you, you'll already know....
  • He got 19th place in the Gamefaqs Fall 08 character battle. The best hes ever done in a contest.

Board 8 on the Summer 2008 Leaderboard

He'll add more stuff once he thinks of it

Bigpun in User contests and ProjectsEdit

Bigpun's Performances in the contest:

He lost To RPGGamer0 in the Best Looking User Contest in the Quarter Finals, where later RPG would lose to CrissCrossCassin the Semi Finals, and Where she would lose to Shadow Ryoko in the finals.

In the second contest, he made it past the first round, but then he got pwned by Ed Bellis. then again...Pun entered the The Face Of Joy pic, so he deserved to be beaten...

He was in the third Best Looking User Contest but Due to some technical Difficulties (I.E. SonikkuGBA losing all of the pics) he was dropped from the contest, along with half of the other Contenders. with out PUN in the contest, it lost all credibility ;)

In the Fourth Contest. He made it to the finals, along with Procrastinater. Bigpun Forfeited the match because the contest holder shouldn't even be in the finals. thats kinda shameful >_>.

In the Fifth contest, He came out Victorious, Beating Shadow Ryoko in the finals. It was a victory he did not want though, because he was hosting it yet again. though he was too prideful to forfeit.

in the 6th and 7th contests He lost somewhere in round 2 and 3

and also in 2007's "Sexier Sequelier" Edition!

  • He was 24th Place in DSRage's "1024 User Tourney". Baybeh. 2007
  • He Got 1st Place in DSRage's "1024 One vote elimination User Tourney"!!

  • He placed 135 on Smurf's "top 500 users" 2005

and now He Placed 10th Place 2006! He Was also the highest Ranking Minority in the list.

2007-19 well damn


2003-Didn't rank




2007-88! Double Digits FTW!

2008-32. Holy shit.

2009-96 dang


2009-94?!?! Wha? >_>

and was SUPPOSED to be a Returning Character in its Sequel "Rising Valley". but it was canceled.

  • Also, Bigpun is working on his own Board 8 RPG called Rising Streets.

But since he has College and stuff. the progress is very slow right now.

Some of Bigpun's Sprite EditsEdit

mershibattleraw9.png Sprite Edit of Mershiness

gotspork2dp4.png Sprite edit of Gotspork, in all of her sporky glory A Sprite Edit of Ertyu A Sprite Edit of Icon (Based off the pic thats in the ytmnd that was mentioned earliar) Bushido Brown, from The show "The Boondocks"

Bigpun's Favorite VG charactersEdit

(no Particular Order, Except Ryu) Collage of the characters

  • Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury\King of Fighters)

Honorable mentionsEdit

(in no order)

Collage of Characters

Characters I have Respect for.

  • Ryo Sakazaki (Art Of Fighting\King Of Fighters)
  • Joe Higashi (Fatal Fury\King of Fighters)
  • Akira Yuki (Virtua Fighter)
  • Tir McDohl (Suikoden 1)
  • King and Paul Phoenix (Tekken)
  • Sol-Badguy (Guilty Gear)
  • Ike Greil and Nephenee (Fire emblem GCH)
  • Mitsurugi (Soul Calibur)
  • Haohmaru (Samurai Showdown)
  • Beat (The world ends with you)
  • Yuki (The Last Blade)
  • Hayato Kanzaki (Star Gladiator\Plasma Sword)

Favorite Anime CharactersEdit

Collage of the Characters

(In No order) (Note, I made Videos links to the characters I could only find Crappy Pics for. That should make up for it)

  • Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
  • Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin)
  • Asuma Sensei (Naruto)
  • Vash The Stampede (Trigun)
  • Mugen (Samurai Champloo)
  • HoroHoro (Shaman King)
  • Main Characters of Yu Yu Hakusho (I can't chose one over the other <3)
  • Coop (Megas XLR) (Yea, hes not anime. but he's JUST THAT BADASS)


Leo was a character punny doodled all the time. He was roughly...and loosely based on himself. Exaggerated Spiky hair, love for the color blue, and at the time, Blue bandana. when Smurf announced his Board 8 RPG, Rising Stream , Pun made a quick sprite edit of Leo and he was included in the game as one of the main characters. Since then pun has used Leo as an avatar and even a mascot for himself in b8.

  • Leo, as he appeared in "Troll hunters", another sprite comic made by Rock trollhunterta7.png


(pun took his appearence from the canceled Rising Valley and used it here, he didn't want it to go to waste)

Main game(Beta): jacketcomparisonbb2.png

  • Avatar of Chibi Leo! leovai.jpg
  • Random



Sexellent Pics of board 8's fav Hispanic!:Edit Punzy Hanging out with his crew White Bandana FTW if only street fighter would give tickets.. oro? look at those sexy muscles lol drunk superman The Face Of Joy he's trying to cast bolt 3 Who the hell posted this here?

PUN's ytmndEdit Ulti and ExThaNemesis over Swift's house.

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