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Round One


Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Ulti's Analysis Edit

Poll 2872
Division 3
Match # 10
Match Date Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
Fox - 32.27%
Wario - 29.07%
Captain Falcon - 21.47%
Banjo - 17.06%
Fox first place (2pts) - 44.12%
Fox second place (1pt) - 39.68%
Wario second place (2pts) - 37.95%
Wario first place (1pt) - 16.30%
Fox - 83.80% (30,775)
Wario - 54.25% (19,923)

This match is proof why I take all those dumb Oracle stats with a huge grain of salt; Nlamer says Fox in this match was the most impressive performance of the entire contest, but that's because the Oracle crowd messed up. If you call this Nintendo SFF more impressive than L-Block, please schedule a CT scan at your earliest convenience.

That said, Nintendo SFF or not, this was a beast performance by Fox. If you're going to get into a contest for the first time in four years, might as well make it memorable. As memorable as an all-Nintendo fourway match can be, anyway.

Past that, things went mostly as expected. Wario was expected to get second place by default, since the consensus is Fox would SFF Falcon more than him. Falcon managed to stay in this match for 30 minutes, but got swamped overnight en route to a reasonably distant third place. Banjo was expected to stink it up and get last place, which he did.

Oddly enough, Falcon was probably stronger than Wario all along, but it took all the way until 2010 for us to get the proof of it.

Stats and Analysis Edit

the wiki tells me that Fox's performance is the #1 most impressive of the entire contest -- moreso than every L-Block, Vincent, Pikachu or Mudkip match. Nintendo SFF can do that to ya. Fox put up one hell of a performance here.

though to be fair, it was only partly his doing -- Wario really laid an egg here, and was in a real fight with Captain Falcon for a few minutes until he pulled away during the nighttime. in a match with a guy most people are apathetic on in Wario, an N64 platforming character not named Mario and another SSBM character, Fox really put on a performance here, one of the best of the contest. Wario, on the other hand, proved that he does not need to ever make another contest. Fox on the other hand needs a real shot against real competition. Fox's bracket placement was one of my least favourite things about this contest.

this match was probably a little bit better than its ranking, but it's tough to rank a weak fourpack full of fourth-tier Nintendo characters all that high. it was unexpected, but still not very interesting.

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Yoshi > Knuckles
Mega Man > KOS-MOS
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Sephiroth > Meta Knight
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Sephiroth > Mario
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Link > Sephiroth
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L-Block > Snake
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L-Block > Snake
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? Block > L-Block (Bonus)

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