- Overview -

This is a contest that is runned by SonikkuGBA (AKA PukeInMyPot) and BIGPUN9999.

Users enter a pic of themselves and in a match, people vote for the more attractive user and the winner goes on until the finalist is deemed the "Best Looking User" of board 8.

Contest RunnersEdit

- On Season -


- Off Season -


History Edit

There have been 7 contests so far.
Unfortunately the results have not been saved.
We do know the finalists though!
Results for the 4th contest were lost. but Pun still has the original bracket He'll try to find a way to post the file

Contest 1Edit


Shadow Ryoko

Runner Up


Contest 2Edit

The Winner


Runner Up

Warning crazy

Contest 3Edit

  • Note: In this contest. Sonikku Lost about half of the pics very early on. and so half of the contenders were dropped. the replacements were added on quickly so the contest could continue. so yea. thats why this one was a slow contest >_>*

Criona won (lol)

^Note: Thats not her actual winning pic. its the pic she used for the 4th contest.

Runner up

Cyrax was not saved

Contest 4Edit

The Winner:


Proc's Winning pic

Runner up


Notable Events in the 4th contest:

  • due to a miscount, Cyclo's and Sonikku's match in Round 3(where Cyclo originally won) went into a tiebreaker, where sonikku won. Bigpun fixed the error and declared Cyclo to be the winner.
  • with the string of upsets, cyclo was looking like to be the favorite of the contest but was taken down by Proc In Round 4. (Quarter Finals)
  • Stripey first won his match with Proc in Round 2. but due to suspicion of rallying, their match was held again and Proc won.
  • Bigpun forfeited his match against Proc in the finals. due to...well..he was hosting the contest.
  • Silvercross, with having a history of being round 1 fodder, made it to round 3.
  • NoDiceCurt rallied and was disqualified. he cried and cried and cried.
  • Despite being a Lolicon Transvestite, Mershiness made it to Round 4 (Quarter Finals)
  • Kali101 is a hairy man with a fetish for candy. who knew?
  • ShatteredElysium, despite being an young looking old guy, made it to the final 4 (Semi Finals)
  • There was a PSU Dual in Round 1

Contest 5Edit

PIMP didn't want to run the contest cause he thought it would interfere with his college studies, so BIGPUN was the on season contest runner this time around.



Runner up

Shadow Ryoko

She doesn't want her picture to be displayed for privacy reasons.

Notable events in the 5th contest:

  • Kali is actually a pretty looking girl underneath all of the candy and hair >_>
  • RPGamer0 lost to PIMP in the first round. Has he been reduced to fodder?
  • Silvercross went back to being round 1 fodder. Losing to WhiteRabbit
  • Procrastinater tied with Explicit Content in Round 2. then EC Won the tie breaker.
  • for the first time in BLU history, there were two blow outs in one match. In match 6 of round 2, Kali101 beat Fura and Clover meadow beat Ayvuir.
  • Bigpun beat Cyclo in round 3. who beat Ryoko last contest. Signs of things to come?
  • Cleansed beats EC in Round 4 (quarter Finals). you need to forget all knowledge of previous contests. Last time, Cleansed lost to ShatteredEsylum, who lost to Proc. now Proc lost to EC, and Cleased Beat EC. lol X stats.
  • In an Epic match, Kali falls to Shadow Ryoko. Shes getting her steam back.
  • alas, Cleansed Falls to bigpun in Round 5 (Semi Finals)
  • Crono801, looking to be the favorite of the contest, was struck down by Ryoko in Round 5.

Contest 6Edit



Runner Up


The Bracket

and Unforunately I don't remember the Highlights >_>

Contest 7Edit



Runner Up


The Bracket

Contest 8


Damn Pun

Contest 9



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