Bill Nye has an awesome show on PBS, he also is a fad that came about when a user created a contest where two people were voted for. Bill Nye won and when a new person was chosen he won again, and again, and again. It got to the point where people began to anti-vote him just because he won so much. Clmhzrd ended the Bill Nye topics the day he was supposed to lose to George Feeny. /=

Not to be confused with Bill Nighy, a British actor who appears in many romantic comedies, and plays Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

A new version of the topic has been revieved in which Samuel L. Jackson defeated Bill Nye. Samuel L. Jackson soon afterward lost to George Feeny, so we could assume Feeny would have beaten Nye. Colbert has since had a large streak, as well as Steve Irwin, but nothing near what Bill Nye had.

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