Mostly know as Blackshark, he is an age old lurker of B8.

Blackshark was listed twice in Smurf's top 500 users, once as number 471, and once as 327. Hmmmm....

He tries frequently to create contests and stuff, but fails. His Icecream Tournament failed. His Board 8: 20 Questions Topic Series failed. Save My Ocarina Songs finished.

Once school started again in Fall 2008, Blackshark became a much more frequent poster. He now usually has about 50 active messages in his queue at all times, all of these posts in Board 8.

That is all.

Save My Ocarina of Time Ocarina Songs Edit

This was a rather niche contest, spanning only 2 topics. It is also notable because of massive vote stuffing by TUM.

12. The Sun's Song

11. Song of Time

10. Nocturne of Shadow

9. Requiem of Spirit

8. Zelda's Lullaby

7. Serenade of Water

6. Minuet of Forest

5. Bolero of Fire

4. Epona's Song

3. Prelude of Light

2. Song of Storms

1. Saria's Song

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