Board8bot was an AIM chatbot specifically programmed for Board 8 users, created by Zachnorn. Originally, the bot was extremely popular, even to the point where some users got moderated for making topic with chat logs.

History Edit

Board8bot launched on September 9th, 2005, originally for a canceled contest by Zachnorn. After noticing how popular chatting with it was, it was introduced to the rest of Board 8.

For about one week, Board8bot became a fad on Board 8, with several topics about chat logs. This resulted in as many as 2,000 IMs sent to Board8bot a day, pushing it to be the 79th most popular chat robot on it's host, RunABot. During this time, Zachnorn created an account named Board8bot, which was banned as a result of his mini-axe.

Afterwards, the popularity of the bot died down, and activity has been low. Originally, there were plans for features like Zachnorn's overrated rants, but they have never come into existence. The bot went online from time to time, often when Zachnorn was prompted to log it on.

Board8Bot was shut down in March 2009 when RunABot went under. The username still exists but is not managed by a bot server.

Programmed Fads Edit

Quotes Edit

Board8bot: [Sex] is more fun alone.

Board8bot, the User Edit

During the time when the bot was very popular, Zachnorn created an alternate account named Board8bot. The alt usually would post about its superiority to humans. The account was banned during Zachnorn's partial usermap axe.

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