Secret Overlord Ruler that Nobody knows is the Actual Leader Edit

  • ertyu

Figurehead President Edit

  • UltimaterializerX

Vice President Edit

  • transience

Other Cool People That Are Important Edit

  • FFDragon
  • Applekidjosh
  • PepsiPlunge
  • Team Rocket Elite
  • Sir Chris
  • the icon ownz all

Peasants Edit

  • solarshadow
  • Aeon Azuran
  • creativename
  • BigCow
  • NGamer64
  • Amazing Telephone
  • Priest of Gix
  • agasonex
  • SHINE GET 64
  • Mumei
  • windmage
  • Leonhart4
  • Alex Shelley
  • Mega Mana
  • Shadowdude II
  • ff6man
  • Metool
  • H4L187
  • Bokonon_Lives
  • Steinershocker
  • HaRRicH

Serfs Edit

  • Everyone Else

Already Excecuted because they aren't Important Enough to be a SerfEdit

  • Red and Alts

This Article Edit

In the Recent Board 8 Events that have been conspiring, there has been some debate ofer the whole issue of a "Hierarchy", or who is who in the social status of the Board. Discussing it with my advisors (My, Myself, and Irene), We have decided on an acceptable list on who is the most popular on the Board. As you would notice, ertyu is the highest up, followed by Ulti, and so on and so forth. And There is the Serfs category, because, frankly, There's to many people to name all at once and are not important enough to actually be considered Important. And We all hate Red, so she is at the bottom. No Mods on this list, because they'd kill us after seeing they aren't above ertyu. That would never happen.

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