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The Board 8 Photoshop Challenge is a weekly contest in which Board 8 members are invited to attempt to create the best image based on a weekly theme chosen by either Crossfiyah, the creator of the topics, or one submitted by a user. The Board 8 Photoshop Challenge was inspired by websites like SomethingAwful and Fark, except there aren't any huge website logos stamped on pictures submitted to Board 8 which, most agree, is a positive thing.

Previous Themes/Winners Edit

Week 1: Video Game Characters in Real Life Jobs Edit


1st) Leebo86 - 2nd) Villainous Mr Bucket -

3rd) SlightlyEroticPigeon - tetga1sb.jpg

Week 2: Phil Collins Edit


1st) MakeYourChance - phil22lk.jpg

2nd) =TIED= MakeYourChance and Bokonon Lives - phil32pc.jpg


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