The Board 8 police department was founded and is run by Sir Chris. The police are in charge of maintaining order on Board 8... but they don't really do too much. Except drink coffee and eat donuts.

Chief: Sir Chris

Deputy Chief: th3l3fty

Guardian of Courage: Cokes311

Guardian of Power: Mega Mana

Guardian of Wisdom: KleenexTissue50

I can put my sandwich in my holster! WiggumFan267

Detective Branch Edit

Head Lawyer: Wanglicious

Head of Detectives: JonthePenguin

Detectives: Applekidjosh, Rad Link 5, Robazoid, kungfu chicken, Jeff Zero

Patrolmen: Blitztrugg, Maniac64, Lady Ashe

Resigned: IhatethisCPU

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