This was a contest run by Yonex when he first came to Board 8.

Basically there were 20 users. Each user started with 10HP. There were also 8 different moves that were given out randomly each round to a user. When they were given the move, the user could use it on themselves, or on an opponent. The moves varied from Attacks to Heals to Force fields etc.

In what was a fairly successful contest the results are as follows:

1st: BBallman7

2nd: StifledSilence

3rd: SpikeDragon

4th: SilverNightmareX7

5th: Smurf

6th: Mershiness

7th: Applekidjosh

8th: Twilight the Fox

9th: Zylo the wolf

Here is the official list of moves:

1. Attack / Can be used on an opponent to inflict 3HP in damage.

2. Heal / Can be used on yourself to gain 2HP.

3. Force field / Can be used on yourself to make you not take any damage that round.

4. Earthquake / Can be used on all opponents to inflict 1HP on all users except you.

5. Devastation / Can be used on an opponent to reduce their HP to 1.

6. Uber Protect / Can be used on yourself to protect you from damage for two rounds.

7. Attack of Fury / Can be used on an opponent to inflict 2HP in damage for every coin toss on heads.

8. Constant Attack / Can be used on an opponent to inflict 1HP each round until the attack is broken by Force field.

With a few tweaks and added moves and rules this should be back in early 2008... it wasn't. >_>

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