The Board 8 Wiki is a wiki dedicated to everything relating to Board 8. It was created by Zachnorn on January 28th, 2006, after a topic by SA2Tails. It was originally hosted by ElWiki at but was forced to move to its current location after the ElWiki servers died in 2007.

On March 31st, as an April Fool's joke, PotDpedia (PotD's wiki) was merged into the Board 8 Wiki. The name changed to Board 3/8 Wiki during the time of the prank.

Administrators Edit

Current Administrators Edit

  • Zachnorn - Creator of Board 8 Wiki, head admin and content manager
  • SA2Tails - Created idea, honorary admin (inactive)
  • Ngamer - Contest information manager, admin
  • UltimaterializerX - Character bio manager, admin
  • Xcarvengerx - General information manager, admin
  • Th3l3fty - Major contributor, admin

Former Administrators Edit

  • Repus Yortsed - Content manager, left after some controversy, ended up creating CE's wiki
  • X_Dante_X - Vandalism reverter, temporary admin, left due to lack of time

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