At this time, the logo for the Board 8 Wiki is the standard logo used by all ElWiki wiki websites. However, we do plan to change it, as SA2Tails has given three logos which could be used.

Whichever logo is chosen will appear on the top left corner of the screen (where it shows ElWiki Knowlegebases now). Please use this page to vote on a logo.

To vote, please sign up using your GameFAQs username. Once you are logged in, simply add your username inside double brackets to the list under your choice.

Any form of vote stuffing will result in a one day-one week suspension of editing privileges. Also, do not remove any names from any of the choices. The admins will decide who is vote stuffing and not. Vandalizing this page will result in a suspension of one day-two week suspension.

Please keep discussion off of this page. There is a discussion link on top of this page. Right now, we are only voting from the images which SA2Tails has made.

Logo 1: King of All Cosmos Edit

Wikilogo 135

Votes: 1(ZenOfThunder)

Logo 2: The 8 Edit

Wikilogo2 135

Votes: 12(CycloReaper, ravetrade, pubbisk, Crossfiyah, , transience, Do not even ask, RafNasty, Repus Yortsed, Ayvuir, trizob the hedgehog, CountCrazy007, Rodri316)

Logo 3: Phoenix Wright Edit

Wikilogo3 135

Votes: 23(swirldude, Rad Link 5, jaw70, RX7InfinitiIII, JonthePenguin, Applekidjosh, GamerPanda, Blind Azathoth, Omega333, jlh28532, Naye745, bokunokuso, BlackMageJawa, alpha door, Icon, Pats_Dynasty, Rezzy, FFaddict1313, th3l3fty, WVI, Steinershocker, Red Shifter, Pikaness, LCadwallader)

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