Board 8 got its unofficial name from the board ID, which, of course, is 8. Amazing Telephone is said to have have been responsible for the unofficial name, due to the board's name constantly changing.

Summer 2002 contest Edit

Board 8 was originally created to discuss the Summer 2002 Contest. At the time, the most popular prediction on Board 8 was that Solid Snake vs. Sephiroth would be the final (actually, the final was Mario vs. Link).

During that time, the board had topicality, meaning that topics not about the contest were moddable. However, enough interesting topics of marginal relevance were being deleted by the mods that the users petitioned for topicality to be turned off; it was partway through the contest.

Key Events

Summer 2003 Contest Edit

The Summer 2003 Contest was noteworthy as the first time in which (to this author's knowledge) "account suicides" were a popular response to a character losing in a match. There were often a good dozen or so suicides per match. Since then, the "suicide" fad has largely waned. Instead, people sometimes make "account bets," claiming they will close their account and/or leave GameFAQs forever if a certain character wins. (This has a number of advantages, not the least of which is that you can talk about it beforehand without getting banned; threatening a suicide is a ban-worthy offense.)

Key Events (Someone else can add to them)

Spring 2004 ContestEdit

Key events (Someone else can add to them)

  • Ulti winning the contest
  • Amazing Telephone/Aeon Azuran account bet.

Summer 2004 ContestEdit

Spring 2005 ContestEdit

  • ZenOfThunder arrives on the board. That's really all there is. This contest was just that dull.

Summer 2005 ContestEdit

Spring 2006 ContestEdit

  • stingers135 got a Perfect Bracket.
  • yoblazer put his account on the line against Sir Chris. Mario Kart's loss to Mega Man was the death of "yoblazer33".

Summer 2006 ContestEdit

Winter 2010 ContestEdit

  • Missingno defeats Crono, ending the Noble Nine's 1v1 winning streak.

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