Board Eight 2 (BE2) was a spin-off board spawned in an AIM chatroom between warning_crazy, pikaness and GMUN. W_C assumed the role as lead admin (highly significant later) but really it was a collaborative effort between the three friends. As if having a furry, a furry and hekaness running a site wasn't a recipe for drama alone. Smurf and Ryoko were soon added to the admin mix just to make absolutely certain something crazy was going down.

Early Days Edit

BE2 was a moderate success gathering some people from Board 8 advertising, others some of GMUN's PotD friends (Triforce, ages, chocobo etc) and others Smurf's friends who he spammed on AIM to join (Majin, Cyclo, Twilight and so on)

It settled down quite quickly and became a very close knit community of about 20 people. More balanced heads like raytan, amyvitality and Starcow joined to counter the rampant activities of smurf or The Albion Hero.

Contests Edit

Smurf ran two users contests on these sites, both moderately successful yet renowned for suspect voting patterns. Most notibly for Shadow Ryoko's matches where she'd gain about 20 votes in as many minutes and score about 5 for the rest of the day. Th3l3fty became frustrated with this and called h4x.

Death Edit

After Smurf created the "he-kaness" incident, DubCee posted a link on the board. GMUN did not appreciate this, and made Cyclo an Admin. Cyclo destroyed the whole thing. Every single topic, board, and post. This left the site with a blank board. W_C then pulled it from the web.

Aftermath Edit

After this event the BE2 community was split in two not unlike the New Yeoven / Youth League split in FFX-2 actually. GMUN was assuming the former's role claiming that he would rekindle the charm that made BE2 so great in the first place. Th3l3ftyled the opposing party claiming that now was a time for a change and not for unstable admins. He managed to pull a few but GMUN's bid was the undeniable success. Warning crazy and Th3l3fty have both never returned to the community since.

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