<^~. Board Eight 3 .~v>Edit

Created as the natural successor to Board_Eight_2, BE3 retained some of its old members with previous admins GMUN, Smurf and Shadow Ryoko forming the backbone of the board. It also gained some new members due to its heavy publicity at the time of its creation such as Lady Ashe and Sess. It however lost some previous key members like Warning crazy, Pikaness and Th3l3fty.

BE3 is generaly renowned for having a lot of problematic people such as The Albion Hero's suicide fiasco with Lady Ashe, CycloReaper's constant Gay rants, GMUN's ongoing relationship problems with Pikaness and other random stuff like that.

Current Staff/MembersEdit

And now for a bit of an introduction to BE3. For starters, meet the current staff!

Lead AdministratorsEdit



Zea Destroyer

Global ModeratorsEdit

Twilight the Fox

Specified Board ModeratorsEdit

Lady Ashe (Online Gaming)
Mega Mana (TV/Movies)
ExThaNemesis (Soccer)
CycloReaper (UR MR GAY)

Also, on the board "H4X!", every member has moderator abilities there.

Other things to noteEdit

Ultros = KommunistKoala
Ryan Saotome = Albion Hero
SessTrillBallin = Sess
That Mana Guy... Or Gal? = Mega Mana
Best User to ever grace BE3 = Ayvuir

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