BoosGhost is one of the newer users on Board 8, but has gained popularity since the day she arrived.

BoosGhost has been on Board 8 since August 17, 2006. Since then, she has been very active, and has been very kind. She doesn't really like to yell at many people, but apologizes instead. She has made several friends upon entering, and has hardly made any enemies, if any. BG is one of the more sweeter users on GameFAQs, mainly because she is a girl, and hasn't flamed, nor cursed, anywhere at all.

BoosGhost started out helping GameFAQs by making a Rate The Username topic, in which users rate usernames based on the quality of the username chosen, and not the popularity of the user itself. The topic had made Day 21, before purging without anyone noticing. 3KL had the best score, with 9.98/10, followed by KamikazePotato with 9.64/10, and 3rd place belonged to SlightlyEroticPigeon, with 9.43/10.

BoosGhost has entered the Ultimate User League for the second season. She is currently in 6th place. In the beginning, she lost to FFPAULPAO. However, she suddenly had a surge of popularity, knocking down 2nd place mccheyne, and 4th place Ness26, each of them losing by a mere vote.

BoosGhost, though new, has already been on 2 Favorite Users Lists. On SpikeDragon's list of 60 favorite users, she placed 60th. On StifledSilence's list of 30 favorite users, she placed 16th.

BoosGhost is currently being rated on the Rate The User topics. Here are some quotes from other users about her.

"The username gets an 8.9/10. The user gets a 8.9/10" - andymancan1
"9/10, one of my favorite new users." - BBallman7

These quotes show that BoosGhost has quickly gotten some new friends upon entering Board 8, and looks like she'll continue doing so.

Just for those who wanted to know, BoosGhost's username was rated on the Rate The Username topic as well. It is the Ghost of Boo, from the Mario Series. It received an 8.67, just under SuperJanitor's 8.68.

BoosGhost entered numerous contests, including Hurt and Heal The User (wingzfan3), UUL (yazzy14), Relay Race, A Tag Team User Contest (BBallman7), and more.

Though new, BoosGhost has already had a great start on Board 8. Based on the boost of popularity since entering, BoosGhost will have no trouble being one of the most popular users on GameFAQs in the future. Insert formula here

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