Brainstruck is a long time Board 8er, and is known for his love of Skies of Arcadia. In addition, he contributes to Board 8's Hockey Topic and Disney character rating/tournaments. He is a huge fan of Boston Legal, and, despite residing in Calgary, bleeds Ottawa Senators. One of the Canadian users on Board 8, has been known to engage in debates from everything from politics to Canadian music. He is the founder of The Board 8 Organization XIII and remains its leader, with the Number I status. Also, he's easilly the biggest fan of You're Not Alone on the board.

In general, an awesome user (gush) who makes solid posts and has fun.

Brains Favorite Games

1) Skies of Arcadia Legends

2) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

3) Super Metroid

4) Final Fantasy IX


6) Perfect Dark

7) Paper Mario

8) Metroid Prime

9) Diddy Kong Racing

10) Final Fantasy VII

Brains Favorite Characters

1) Vyse the Legend

2) Samus Aran

3) Ramirez

4) Zidane Tribal

5) Link

6) Colette Brunel

7) Solid Snake

8) Tifa Lockheart

9) Vivi Orunitia

10) Felix (Golden Sun)

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