Caelus is often known as the Board 8 Drunk. He drinks a lot but not all the time and isn't an alcoholic regardless of what anyone thinks >_>

He disappeared for several years but in an unexpected twist, he revealed in one of his Random Number Elimination stories that he had been posting as a secret alt FigureOfSpeech the whole time... but that's all old news.

He also has 3 machetes as well as other weapons. He likes weapons. Weapons good. Drinking good too.

He also does projects but aside from the Random Number Elimination stories, he seems to suck at completing them. He's tried a bunch of RPGMaker games but never has managed to finish one. Writing projects also don't always get finished, but usually that's because you douchebags let them purge and that causes discouragement.

He closed the Caelus account a while ago and now posts as ImTheMacheteGuy, an alt that he made when he got his first machete, as he wanted to be known for having a machete... Back then, the movie Machete had not been made yet, so although Caelus is a fan of Machete star Danny Trejo, the username is not actually a reference to the actor, the character or the movie franchise. Completely unrelated.

He entered a competition called The Epic Struggle on CE that was based on Survivor and Big Brother, which began with 100 players and has lasted more than half a year. As of this edit, it still has yet to finish and Caelus is still alive and in the final 3.

Oh yeah and he likes drinking.

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