Captain Planet is a television show in which 5 children/adolescents have special rings which, when held up to the sky and yelling it's attribute, summons Captain Planet.

The Look Edit

Captain Planet is a man with blue tinted skin, a green mullet, red (half) shirt with a golden circle in the center, red briefs with a black and gold belt with red boots and gloves.

The Fad Edit

On PotD when a Captain Planet topic is made with the intent of "summoning" Captain Planet. Usually the topic creator says "EARTH!" at which point other posters will say any of the following:
In most cases his summon is not completed due to people yelling out things like "CHEESE!" or other such things. If the summon is completed someone will say "By your powers combined, I am CAPTAIN PLANET!" however some people mess the summon up and say "I am CAPTAIN FART!" or other things along those lines.

The funniest of options is to reply with one of the original Power Rangers zord names, like "PTERODACTYL!" or "SABERTOOTH TIGER!".

The Mod Edit

As of May 2006, Captain Planet has been added as a KoS (Kill on Sight) fad. Any user caught attempting to summon Captain Planet in a topic (even those specifically designated for such) is now effective-immediately hit with a 3KL slap to the face. Even comments like "TERRAIN!" have been known to get modded.

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