Who The Hell Do You Think You Are? Edit

Better known as just Cena (now posting under Ken Masters), he joined Board 8 during the Summer 2003 Contest. Around the time of the infamous 'Heroic' fad, there was a very small group of users who created Cena accounts. CenaGravel, CenaCrag, CenaPebble, and CenaBoulder.

Due to the EarthSHAKE POTD Invasion, the account was suspended. Cena then committed account suicide via yaoi involving CJayC, Shadotak, Pokemaniac Will, and maplejet. After a short hiatus, Cena had come back with a new account, NotNowImNaked. This account was also banned, however it was contested. After what seemed like unfair banning (Supposedly flaming CJayC in a moderated message reply), Cena got axed.

Around the BoardEdit

As Ken Masters, he usually can be seen posting on Board 8, Pro Wrestling: WWE and Pro Wrestling: Other Feds.

Cena is a very big wrestling, hockey (Bure > all) and video game fan. He enjoys a nice stone every now and then (if ya knowz waddamean) and listens to a lot of music.

Favourite MusicEdit

The Exies
Led Zeppelin
Dream Theater
Black Stone Cherry
Puddle of Mudd
Alter Bridge
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Vines
Lacuna Coil
Theory of a Deadman
Arctic Monkeys
Marilyn Manson
Guns 'N Roses

Favourite TV ShowsEdit

The Big Bang Theory
The Simpsons
Arrested Development
Dark Angel
Dead Like Me
The Office
Iron Chef America
Family Guy
South Park
Chappelle's Show
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Criminal Minds

Favourite MoviesEdit

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The Ten
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Almost Famous
The Shawshank Redemption
The Wrestler
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
American Beauty
Battle Royale
The Crow
Natural Born Killers
Smiley Face and everything Kevin Smith's ever done

Favourite Video GamesEdit

  • Super Mario World
  • Chrono Cross
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • The Bouncer
  • Brett Hull Hockey '95
  • Pokemon
  • NHL 09/10

Alts Edit

Banned Edit

  • CenaStone
  • CenaRock
  • OutOfPosts
  • CenaIsBack
  • Super Towel
  • NotNowImNaked

Purged Edit

  • HeroicSmackYourTV
  • GrandFinale
  • SprinklesTheHedgehog

Given Away Edit

  • Karsh the Dragoon
  • Mr_Wrestling

Active Edit

  • Ken Masters
  • CenaBoulder
  • Rocky Romero
  • Necro Butcher
  • Ziskacel
  • Rhythm Method

Fun FactsEdit

  • Though he bares the nickname 'Cena', he is not a fan of John Cena, whom he is most associated with around GameFAQs.
  • The name CenaStone does however originate from John Cena. The account was created during John Cena's original run before the gimmick change.

Cena Facts Edit

- Disclaimer - Cena Facts are always completely accurate unlike the fun facts

  • Cena once ate a whole cake before his friends could tell him there was a stripper in it.

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