pffft a rocket is nothing.

Chronic1000 is a semi-lurker, who tends to stick to the pro wrestling discussion of Board 8, or the occasional watchthrough topic. He's also known for his amazing facial hair.


He came to B8 in the summer of 2006, right after he graduated High School. For a while, he was just a lurker, who really posted random stuff. His first known post (or the first post he remembers) stated "I repeat, the cheese is in the grader!" He doesn't quite remember why he posted this.

Agree or DisagreeEdit

Chronic began Agree or Disagree in March of 2008. After a hiatus that lasted from November 2009 to June 2010, it returned. Chronic however relinquished the the series in March of 2011, and it was ran by Zachnorn for a while, but is no longer an active project.

Favorite Character the Actor PortrayedEdit

Favorite Character the Actor Portrayed ran for a few months, but eventually Chronic dropped it to do other projects, like his watchthrough of WCW Nitro, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Whose Line is it Anyway?

Should Not be confused with...Edit

Chronic, or any other Chronic. Chrono1219, or any other Chrono, Crono (like Crono819,) or any other username that begins with C(h)ron with numbers attached to the end. Trust me. It gets annoying after a while.


pffft your BEARD is nothing!


pffft your goatee is nothing, either!

See Also Edit

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