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Battle RoyalePoll2563 Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

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Poll 2563
Round Battle Royale Day 2
Match # 65
Match Date Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
Mario booted out -
9.96% (4,248 brackets)

Day 2 was my little upset special, which came through perfectly. I figured pre-contest that Link would SFF Mario to death on day two, which is exactly what happened from start to finish. The interesting thing here is comparing the percentages from day 1 to 2. Cloud and Mario barely moved, and it seemed that all of Samus's power went to Link, who just exploded between the two polls.

The other thing of note outside of Mario's shocking-but-not-really last place finish was Sephiroth and Snake. Relatively speaking, Snake performed out of his mind in the first two BR polls; with no reason to move up in percentage between the two days, he did so anyway. Sephiroth meanwhile dropped in percentage despite not having a reason to do so either. And for the second day in a row, Sephiroth relied on a good day vote to get himself out of last place and into respectability. The final result isn't indicative of how bad Sephy did, and though it meant nothing (yet), Sephy essentially spent the entire day coming back on and overtaking Snake. However if the percentage trend between the two repeated itself, we were in for Sephy going down on day three, which would be the first real shocker of this thing.

Oh and I'd brag about picking Mario correctly here, but it was tough to imagine Mario getting SFFd this badly given the 2002 final. Comparing that final to the FF7/Chrono Trigger match yielded an even comparison, and I only picked Crono to outlast Mario there because 2002 is irrelevant and predates the Zelda crew's TP announcement boost. Snake outlasting Mario in Crono's stead is just blind luck really <_<

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2006 Summer Contest Matches

R1 (Female)
Samus > Nidoran F
Ada > Jade
Rikku > Lenneth
Kairi > Claire
Tifa > Ivy
The Boss > Celes
Jill > Sheena
Peach > Daisy
Zelda > Carmen
Terra > Kerrigan
KOS-MOS > Amy Rose
Aeris > Marle
Yuna > Roll
Joanna > Cortana
Chun Li > Kasumi
Lara > Alyx Vance

R1 (Male)
Snake > Soma
Squall > Tidus
Yoshi > Riku
Dante > Ryu H
Sora > Tingle
Gordon > Phoenix
Ryu > Kratos
Mega Man > Axel
Sonic > CATS
Vincent > Ganondorf
Kirby > PoP
Luigi > Zero
Crono > Falcon
Bowser > Leon
Auron > Alucard
Sub-Zero > Master Chief

Round Two
Samus > Ada
Rikku > Kairi
Tifa > The Boss
Peach > Jill
Zelda > Terra
Aeris > KOS-MOS
Yuna > Joanna
Chun Li > Lara
Snake > Squall
Yoshi > Dante
Sora > Gordon
Mega Man > Ryu
Sonic > Vincent
Luigi > Kirby
Crono > Bowser
Auron > Sub-Zero

R3 and following
Samus > Rikku
Tifa > Peach
Zelda > Aeris
Yuna > Chun Li
Snake > Yoshi
Mega Man > Sora
Sonic > Luigi
Crono > Auron
Samus > Tifa
Zelda > Yuna
Snake > Mega Man
Sonic > Crono
Samus > Zelda
Snake > Sonic
Samus > Snake (Finals)
Solano > Link (Ultimate)

Battle Royale

Day 1 (6 left)
Day 2 (5 left)

Day 3 (4 left)
Day 4 (3 left)

Final Day:
Link > Cloud

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