Way back near the beginning of time, the contest known as User Season Battle actually existed, and was in its second rendition. In the Mega Man Division were two lower midcarders known as Cokes311 and Janus5000. Come the second week of divisional play, the two were scheduled to face off. The day came, and the two went at it. When the e-dust settled, the two were locked in a tie. he tiebreaker came several days later, and Cokes won 5-4. This alone, however, did not really begin the rivalry.

Weeks passed, and then months jumped the bandwagon. The two users had never been exactly friends, or even all that friendly toward each other. Slowly, Janus grew to dislike Cokes to the point where he would give the man a 0 in Forsaken's Rate the User topic, which he did. Cokes began to resent this seemingly undeserved hatred, and tensions built. Yet as USB3 approached, Janus' dislike for Cokes diminished, and the two became relatively friendly rivals. With USB3 put off indefinitely, however, no rematch could be seen on the horizon, and the rivalry has fallen under the radar.

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