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cyko is a Guru, Oracle, and long-time member of Board 8 whose most notable accomplishment was finishing with two brackets on the final Leaderboard of the 2007 Contest. Thanks to the late-Contest heroics of L-Block, his normal bracket "cykoatom" finished 50th with a score of 485 points, while his joke bracket "JamKuradoberi" ended up in 2nd place, with 529 points.

When asked to explain the situation, cyko said

i can confirm that (the #2 bracket is mine). it had a few minor differences (from my main) like Dante > Leon instead of Vivi > Dante and Sonic > Sora instead of Sonic > Squall. i thought it would be funny to have a bracket on the Top 50 with L-Block as the champ early on. instead, it finishes in second place.....

He is also an FF7 fanboy, having made a Top Ten entry ending in Final Fantasy VII in 2005, yet it showed up as a featured top ten on September 10, 2008.

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