The iconic first level of Donkey Kong

This article is about the original Donkey Kong arcade game.
For DK the character, see Donkey Kong.
For his awesome SNES game and the series that followed, see Donkey Kong Country.

Riding high on its classic status and the noteriety of being Mario's debut, the original Donkey Kong arcade game made the cut in the 2004 Game Contest, representing the 8-bit division.

Unfortunately, DK the game performed almost exactly like DK the character, which is to say it very nearly pulled off the biggest choke job in Contest history. In the end it didn't quite allow Duck Hunt to complete what would have been the largest comeback ever to that point thanks to being saved by bracket voting in the final few minutes. DK was then blown out by Zelda 1 in Round Two as just another in a long line of horrible Nintendo SFF beatdowns suffered by things named "Donkey Kong."

The upper level of the game, 75m, is recreated as a stage in Super Smash Bros Brawl, the third game of Nintendo's highly popular fighting series.

Notable Matches Edit

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