Ed Bellis's What Would You Do? was a WWYD contest held in early 2008 by Ed Bellis. The challenge on Day Thirteen of the competition was to Get a Review Submitted to the Site. The few left in the challenge participated in the challenge, with some very enjoyable results! Below you will find every entrant's review, listed alphabetically by username.


- Once it's been submitted, post a link to your review in the topic.
- As always, there are no loopholes. =)
- Time Limit: By the time submissions close on Friday.

B8 Reviews!Edit

Name Review
Applekidjosh Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation
baubeta N
Biolizard28 Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Bokonon_Lives Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Coffee Ninja Surviving High School '07
Cokes Pub Trivia
DSRage Endless Ocean
Eeeevil Overlord Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Enohp Super Stardust HD
Jay Lv99 Tetris
KleenexTissue50 Audiosurf
Not Dave Worms Armageddon
potatoesaretubers Lost Odyssey
Repus Yortsed RCA Studio II Hardware
Rich_George Marvel Trading Card Game
ScorpioVS Portal
starcow The Orange Box
warning_crazy Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney


18 out of the 19 competitors were able to complete this challenge. The lone elimination on Day 13 was Seginustemple.

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