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Ed Bellis's What Would You Do? was a WWYD contest held in early 2008 by Ed Bellis. The challenge on Day Fifteen of the competition was to get personal. The few left in the challenge participated, with some very enjoyable results! Below you will find every entrant's entry, listed alphabetically by username.


  1. Make a topic on Board 8. For seven days, write 4,096 characters (including spaces) about your day. That's one full post, give or take (Microsoft Word and GameFAQs aren't always compatible), each day. The challenge lasts for nine days, so you can miss two days. If your topic purges, you AUTO-LOSE.
  2. Suggest 5 new, good ideas for WWYD on my private board (ID# 572021). I had a helluva time coming up with challenging suggestions for today, so I figure I can have you guys do the work for me!

The Journals!Edit


Journal Entries


Journal Entries (pending)


Journal Entries

Coffee NinjaEdit

Journal Entries


Journal Entries


Journal Entries

Eeeevil OverlordEdit

Journal Entries


Journal Entries


Journal Entries

Not DaveEdit

Journal Entries


Journal Entries


Journal Entries


12 out of 15 users completed the challenge. Among the eliminated are: potatoesaretubers, ScorpioVS, and warning_crazy.

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